Born in 1989.

Guess you gotta run sometimes



do you have those memories that are really cringey and you never speak of and something triggers the memory and you want to fucking wash your brain out with bleach



Don’t judge a book by its goodreads rating.

Name five facts about yourself and send it to your ten favourite followers —swiftiecat-13

Aw thank you!
1. I don’t like any type of sweets.
2. My hair is naturally curly (more like hella frizzy to be honest) but I do straightening treatments regularly.
3. My favourite numbers are 13 and 54.
4. I look a lot like my mother and we our way of being is also very similar.
5. I have 2 pets: a dog named Cereja and a kitten named Gastão :)

I’m not going to pass to other people because I’m on my phone and I’m lazy but thank you for tagging me, sweetie




To celebrate the fact that I reached 1000 followers, I’m going to do that thing all book bloggers do and host a giveaway! Now, I could write a long-winding post about how much I adore every one of you lovelies as much as Leonardo DiCaprio wants an Oscar but instead, here are the rules:

  • You must be following me. - Dry those tears, you knew this was a given. This giveaway is exclusive to VIP members only (aka anyone following me) so imagine me saying ominously that I’ll be checking. And who knows, maybe you’ll like my blog. 
  • This giveaway is international since I’ll be purchasing the book through Book Depository.
  • Reblogs and likes both count. Obviously reblog to get more entries but you don’t need me to tell you not to spam your followers (even though I just told you anyway).
  • There will be one winner chosen through a random number generator and I’ll contact you through your ask box.
  • The winner can select any of the above books of their choosing. The book will be in paperback since the economy sucks and I’m a uni student so you do the math.
  • The winner has 48 hours to reply and must be willing to give me their address.
  • Giveaway will end on the 30th August Australian EST.

Good luck and any further questions can be directed here. :)    

Not long to go!

I’ll be picking the winner tomorrow at midnight so get on it!


I’m really excited to be doing my first ever giveaway for you lovely followers! Thank you so much for following me and this is to celebrate 500+ followers and also to celebrate the start of another school year for anyone that applies to. I love you guys so much!!

So to start off, the posted books are either some of my favorites or a book written by an author I really enjoy reading, and I will be giving ONE winner TWO books in paperback format from Book Depository (I’m on a $25-$30 usd budget.)

Okay time for rules:

  • You must be following me- this is to celebrate my followers on here, so it’s only fair, and I will be checking. 
  • No giveaway blogs!
  • Make sure you enter here through Rafflecopter since that’s how the winner will be selected and reblog this post. Please don’t spam your followers though, and likes are good, but won’t really matter.
  • This will be international since I am using Book Depository, and you must be willing to give your address so I can ship the books to you. (I’m a college student who doesn’t drive, so I don’t plan on stalking trust me.)
  • I’ll give the winner 3 days to make a response.
  • The giveaway ends October 24 at 12:00am Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  • Message me if you have questions and good luck!!


i’m one of those annoying people who’s always like “omg i know that actor from somewhere omg i recognize them whAT WERE THEY IN” when watching tv shows/movies who then proceeds to look it up on their phone and inform everyone that said actor was an extra in an episode of some stupid 90s sitcom once


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